MAGO COVID-19 Response


The Muslim Academy of Greater Orlando takes the safety and security of our students with the utmost importance. In this time of hardship, we implore our MAGO family to stay safe, practice social distancing and follow Distance Learning guidelines.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Muslim Academy of Greater Orlando is to provide quality education of the highest standard in a safe, supportive, dynamic and engaging Islamic environment so that students have the opportunity to excel to their fullest potential.


By providing a dynamic student-centered educational environment with high academic standards and expectations, Islamic values and morals, students will develop a sense of purpose, a connection to ALLAH and a desire to serve their creator via service to others and their community.


A Reflection…

A Reflection…

A Reflection…

As Muslims we understand that bonafide dedication to authentic Islam is borne from an Islamic education (tarbiyah). This tarbiyah process breeds individuals of a different caliber; individuals who are not arrogant but are prideful of their rich Islamic and cultural heritages; individuals who do not create chaos (fitnah) over religious minutiae that have been accepted by the madhabs of ahlul sunnah wa jamaa’ (3:105). Indeed, an Islamically-educated individual has a signature characteristic of, as per Quranic decree, pointing to the intellectual and spiritual giants of Islam who had built the stage of ijtihad—having decorating it with a vibrant and viable jurisprudence—upon which the pageant of the Muslim Ummah plays out today.


Our Beliefs…

A Reflection…

A Reflection…

  • We believe that there is no god but Allah and that Mohammad is Allah’s final prophet and messenger. (Quran: 6:19)
  • We believe that all students are capable of achieving the highest of academic levels. (35:28)
  • We believe that all people are to be treated equally and ethically and that everyone associated with the MAGO family will demonstrate truthful, moral, non-discriminatory conduct. (49:13)


Core Values…

A Reflection…

Core Values…

Here at MAGO, our espoused beliefs give form and substance to the values that we treasure and champion not only within ourselves but also, we hope, for the nascent Islamic communities that we and our generational graduates touch… By this, our students are entrusted with their fitrah-based sense of creativity to come up with a class-wide service learning project—based on these values—which is meant to have a meaningful impact on the community at-large.

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