MAGO’s Philosophy

As Muslims we are charged by our Creator to rigorously develop the ingenuity to blend our knowledge of religions, traditional academics, and society in order to be shining examples as to what the purpose of life is. We are a function of our experiences and how we internalize them. Education is a process encompassing all of these experiences within and without of the school; as such, we are defined by a dynamic process: Our education, our tarbiyah. Indeed, the hallmark of Islamic education is to nurture the ability to filter out negative experiences thereby leaving the crystals of purity and righteousness for us to then exhibit, treasure and protect. This process of Islamic education is formulated by honing a sharply acute mind and embracing a humble disposition while espousing a strong internal mettle championing the pristine Islamic principals of authenticity, kindness and obedience to Allah Azza wa Jal and Muslim values


A Message from MAGO Staff…

InshaAllah this message finds you in good health and spirits. It is in this ethic that I have the blessed opportunity to introduce you to a special and unique Islamic School experience here in the greater Orlando area.
The Muslim Academy of Greater Orlando (MAGO) is a newly built 30,000 sq.ft. facility boasting the latest of educational and security technologies in hosting Montessori (PreK3,K4,KG) through 8th grade divisions. Over the past several years the work of hundreds and the dua’ of thousands have made this novel project come to fruition by the Good Grace of Allah Azza wa Jal. If we fail in one thing; it is in thanking Him enough.

MAGO is a unique school in that it blends the best elements of a private school education with a traditional Islamic ethos in all classes. Our aim is to enhance our student’s social and personal standing (sense of self-worth) by way of a rigorous and relevant academic manifold enriched by the honor and preservation of established Islamic values of: Enthusiasm for learning, personal excellence, integrity, responsibility & accountability, and respect & compassion for Allah’s Creation. By weaving colorful Islamic concepts and connections into the dense and contemporary fabric of the educational tapestry, our expert teachers guide each student in the composition of their own personally unique educational mantle of success which they will exhibit for the rest of their lives.
On this note, I warmly invite you to visit our attractive campus. Walk the manicured grounds, speak with the friendly and highly-trained faculty and staff, and then visit one of our modern classrooms while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee: Welcome to the MAGO experience…
We hope to see you soon and to officially welcome you into the MAGO family.
Sincerely wa salamualaikum,



A Word of advice and direction to our new MAGO family parents…

Whether in the Corporate, Private, Government, or Military manifolds, we all understand the importance of chain-of-command when addressing concerns involving any matter personal or professional. Indeed, to most of us, this is common sense and obvious. Sometimes, oddly enough, this expected etiquette is not observed in the Educational forum. I suspect this attitude understandably arises from us all at one point having spent many years being educated and in conjunction with our vital interests in our children’s well-being we may feel that we know how to address the problem and with whom to speak with. From this, generally speaking, people want to jump to the highest official post on the chain-of-command to solve issues whether perceived or substantiated. Having said this, I humbly ask our parents to kindly address any comments and/or concerns regarding your child’s academic progress to their classroom teacher first. Upon consultation with the teacher, if your concerns have not been appropriately addressed only then call our receptionist to schedule an appointment with me.
We all realize the spiritually fatal mistake of creating rumors and slander; especially when the genesis of such remarks was likely a result of a simple miscommunication or interpretation of events or circumstances between parties of varying degree. As we know from the Quran; everything has—and as such must be mentally framed with—a context. Therefore, as we do ourselves, we ask everyone to give the school and others the benefit of the doubt and to approach events, issues, and concerns as professionally and (more importantly) as Islamically as possible.

Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.