Thank you for choosing the Muslim Academy of Greater Orlando (MAGO) a full time PK through Ninth grade private school. Admission is open throughout the year providing we have available space in the grades. At MAGO we provide a place for your child to learn and grow! MAGO strives for learners who will develop to their fullest potential.



Non-Discriminatory Policy for Students

The Muslim Academy of Greater Orlando (MAGO) is committed to admit students of any gender, race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin.  It gives all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to the students at school. It does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin in administration of its admission and educational policies, scholarship and financial aid programs, or athletic and other school administered programs.

The Academy will accept transfer students that are home schooled or who attend U.S. or International schools as long as they meet the academic and behavioral requirements and observe the institutional policies of MAGO.

NOTE: Due to the absence of specialized and accommodating facilities and programs at MAGO, the Academy reserves the right to refuse admittance to individuals with special needs or who exhibit severe or specific learning disabilities (ESL/ESE/McKay Scholarship eligible).




General Information

The application package material for prospective student can be obtained at the school or downloaded from the MAGO website ( Applications and required supporting materials and documents must be neatly and completely filled out and submitted along with the registration fee before the formal registration process can begin.

MAGO observes an open enrollment and transfer posture and will accept students at any time during the school year until the end of the third week—or fifteen (15) school days—into the fourth marking period. Parents/Guardians of students enrolling during this time are of the understanding that there is a strong possibility, because of such a late enrollment, that their child may find difficulty in adequately completing the grade and may be retained for the following year based on transfer grades and final examination scores. The administration reserves the right to accept or refuse admittance based on student’s assessment.

Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis and only then contingent on full non-refundable, non-transferable, non-negotiable registration payment and books & consumables fee, student records (indicating ability and merit), relevant standardized test results, and leveled entrance testing. Parents/guardians of students who are on a Florida voucher or scholarship supplement only pay the initial registration fee to reserve a seat. In either case, the aforementioned fees must be paid before the application is processed and finalized with the understanding that maintenance of seat is subject to academic & social record review and at the discretion of MAGO.


Admission Requirements

In order for any student to be admitted to the MAGO he/she must meet the following requirements:

  1. Documentation- Complete the registration form in full and provide all documents, as outlined and provided in the application package, prior to the students testing for admission. Applications and required supporting materials and documents must be neatly and completely filled out and submitted along with the application fee before the formal admission process can begin.  No student will be accepted until the academic and discipline documentation from his/her previous school are submitted and reviewed.
  2. Full Disclosure-Parent/guardians are required to inform MAGO officials of their child’s special academic, emotional or physical needs. MAGO officials must also be informed of any testing for learning disabilities by public school or private agency. Copies of testing reports are needed to be considered for acceptance. Parent/guardians are also required to disclose to MAGO officials of their child’s behavior issues or disciplinary actions at previous learning institution. MAGO officials have the right to decide if its program will best meet an individual child’s learning needs.
  3. Transcripts/Grade Reports – Transfer students of all grades seeking admission must have passing grades and be promotable at previous school. Please refer to the application package for details on requirements specific to grade level. Note that students who are entering grade 2 to 8 and transferring from within a United States school system must submit at least the last two years’ academic records including transfer grades and standardized scores while students transferring from outside the United States must submit all academic records since kindergarten. In order to ensure that all transfer students have average knowledge of subject matter as well as compliance with school policy and procedures, the following requirements must be met:
    1. The applicant student must not have been arrested nor charged by any law enforcement agency for misdemeanor offenses or otherwise.
    2. The applicant student must not have been assigned to an alternative school by his/her previous school or licensed institution public or private.
    3. The applicant student must attain a passing score in the entrance examination.

NOTE: The Academy reserves the right to place a transferring student in a grade lower than the stated transfer grade contingent on academic and/or social performance and at the Administration’s discretion. International transfer students will be placed according to the Academy’s assessment test(s) and as long as they meet all relevant admissions requirements and legal documentations.

  1. Home School Students Credit Evaluation– Parents who are home schooling students must submit assessments completed by the school district and the curriculum plan used in order to evaluate what grade a student may apply for admissions into the Academy. This process may take up to 15 business days and all decisions are final. A home schooled student will not be tested until the final decision. In order to avoid a delay in testing, aforementioned documents should be clearly and coherently organized and submitted in a timely fashion.
  2. Fees- Pay all non-refundable & non-transferrable fees. Refer to the Fee & Tuition schedule for more details.
  3. Admissions Test/Entrance Exam- An entrance examination is prescribed for all newly enrolled students in grades one through eight in order to ensure students possess adequate academic abilities for the grade level and academic program of application. Applicant students will take an exam which covers Math and Language Art for that particular grade and age level. Students with poor test score must follow remedial guidelines set forth by the school. Admission test level is determined by previous school records, grade level and/or date of birth. MAGO reserves the right to accept or refuse admittance based on student’s assessment.
  4. Testing Dates–All admission candidates will be tested at times and dates as set forth by the Academy. If seats are available admission tests can be administered to new enrollees at an arranged time with the parents after complete submission of all application fees, documents, and records. MAGO will try to accommodate students who are unable to be tested by the deadline contingent on the parent/guardian informing the Academy. MAGO reserves the right to decline the admission application of any candidate who does not arrive at the agreed and scheduled time for the entrance exam.
  5. Student Interviews– In addition to admission test, newly enrolled students seeking admission in Kindergarten through grade eight must have an entrance screening interview with either the administration or Principal. At least one parent must be present at the time of the interview.
  6. Admission Acceptance Letter— a prospective student is not considered fully accepted until he/she has been given an official admissions letter or email.
  7. Probationary Period-All students entering MAGO for the first time are accepted on a probationary basis. The probationary period is the first marking period from the first day of enrollment and is intended to benefit both the student and the school.
  8. Acknowledgement, Agreement, & Acceptance of MAGO Policies— the parent/guardian signature on the registration or re-enrollment form affirms acceptance of the current polices the Academy enforces. Should the parent or guardian, for whatever reason and within the ten day period, choose not to accept the changes or object to the amendments therein, the parent must immediately inform the Administration of their objections or refusal to the policies at which time MAGO may or may not choose to prohibit the student from attending school until such time the parent officially withdraws the student, signs another school policy agreement form, or the school board retracts the amendment.
  9. Full Time Attendance– All enrolled students must be in full-time and full-day attendance for all levels except for participants in VPK Program who may choose half-day or full-day options. However, in order to maintain an enrolled status, all students in all divisions except for PreK3 and VPK must be in attendance for at least 90% of any given marking periodFull tuition and fees are still warranted in all cases.



Visit our school or simply download an application form for your child. Admission application must be fully completed and submitted with all the required documents.

  1. Complete the application form in full and provide all documents as outlined in the application package. Return the application form to MAGO along with the documents and application fee.
  2. Once the documents are reviewed and approved, MAGO will arrange for the assessment test.
  3. Upon completion of the assessment test, student and parent will attend the interview with the Principal or Administration.
  4. Parent will receive acceptance notification by email.


Pre-K Admission:

Pre-K admission process will commence on Jan 9th, 2017. Parent will need the following:

*The documents required are listed on the application form. They must be submitted with the admission form. 


KG-Grade 8 Admission:

KG-Grade 8 admission process will commence on Jan 9th, 2017. Parent will need the following:

*The documents required are listed on the application form. They must be submitted with the admission form. 


Upon submission of the above required documents for new enrollment, new students applying for Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade are expected to attend a pre-admission conference accompanied by their parents in the presence of the MAGO academic team (Principal and/or staff) followed by a student pre-admission testing/ evaluation to determine admission and grade placement.



All fees are due before the 1st day of classes and are non-refundable. For students starting after the middle of the year, all fees will be pro-rated. No application will be accepted and/or processed without the registration fee and full completion.

Tuition is due on or before the 1st day of each month and is considered late after the fifth. A late fee of $30 will be assessed if the payment is not received by the fifth of every month. All parents are required to sign up with FACTS Management (a Tuition Payment Company-contact accounts for more details).

General Tuition & Fee Schedule 2017-18

Applicants – Please make checks payable to Muslim Academy of Greater Orlando



Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)

The VPK scholarship is offered by the state of Florida to children who turn 4 years of age by September 1st, 2017 regardless of income level. The amount of the scholarship voucher is set by the state of Florida and covers ½ day or 3 hours of Pre-Kindergarten studies. If your child receives this funding you may choose either a full day or half day (if available) of study. Parents who choose the ½ day program are not required to pay any additional fees. Parents who choose the full day program are responsible for any fees/tuition not covered by the VPK voucher.


Step Up For Students (SUFS)

Step Up For Students scholarship is offered by the state of Florida to children registered in the KG through 8th grade.  You may visit or call our accounts office for more details regarding this scholarship. The amount of the scholarship is set by the state of Florida. Parents who receive this scholarship are responsible for any fees/tuition not covered by the SUFS scholarship.